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From Blueprint to 3D Model to Reality

Custom manufacturing of complex architectural components offsite

What We Do

You know that carpenters stopped making windows on-site years ago. Why? Because specialization and shop machinery evolved until a superior product could actually be produced faster and cheaper off-site. Today, you would never dream of building windows on-site.

But yet, many complex architectural components are still built on-site – and the results are less than ideal. These components often hold up the entire job as framers spend hours with a jigsaw and grinder, piling on “hot mud,” and sanding it into shape. These issues are driving the industry to custom manufacturing of complex components off-site.

And that’s where we come in!

CRV@UR harnesses the precision of digital CNC technology to create a product that is custom-made for your project, built off-site, and delivered flawless to the jobsite.

From Blueprint…

You can bring us the finished designs – or use CRV@UR as your personal draftsman! By requesting CRV@UR in the specs, we can help in the earliest stages to ensure your vision becomes reality.

To 3D Model…

This is the part where people get excited! Only CRV@UR offers a unique 3D modeling process for custom framing projects – so you can see exactly what you’re getting and how it fits into the project before it’s even built! We remove the guesswork so that you have confidence the finished product will be according to plan.

To Reality.

In addition to creating a flawless product with CNC technology, we also help your project move faster – often saving weeks of framing time. While we’re busy building, your framers can keep moving on the rest of the framing. Your CRV@UR component can be delivered ready for assembly or pre-assembled right to the jobsite and ready for quick and easy installation.