Door Canopies

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Door Canopies


  • Cut with digital CNC technology for a perfect fit
  • Framing complete inside and out
  • Zero Degree Pitch
  • Built-in French Cleat System for quick installation
  • Roof Underlayment: BlueSkin® FR200HT
  • PVC Facade with VER210 Single Mould
  • Delivered finished to the job site


Our canopies are available in stock sizes or we can make one to fit your exact specifications. Our stock eyebrow features a “eyebrow” style curve, but we can also make any shape: from convex or concave hipped roof to barrel vault or compound curves.

Our door canopies are delivered as one-piece units that are ready for installation. They are easily installed using a built-in French cleat system for speed and safety. These canopies are ready for any type of roofing material and can be custom fit to allow for lighting, trim work, columns, decorative brackets, etc.

We will also provide flat pack kits that will provide some economy in shipping. These kits are framing members only. Contact us for a quote for a flat pack assembly.


  • 10′ wide x 5′ deep = $3,875
  • 12′ wide x 7′ deep = $4225
  • 14′ wide x 8′ deep = $6250