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Custom Prefabricated Construction

CRV@UR offers custom architectural construction for residential and light commercial projects. Bring us your designs or work with us to design a standout piece for the interior or exterior of your home or building. For every project, we provide a digitally rendered 3D model so that you can see exactly what the final product will look like and how it fits into the overall look of the house. Then we use precision CNC technology with tolerances within thousandths to digitally fabricate your component to the exact specifications.

We ship or deliver the finished parts and assemblies right to the job site, ready for easy assembly or reassembled and ready for immediate installation. The entire assembly can often even be wired, have windows installed and have the exterior trimmed, sided insulated and drywalled before installation.

Our parts are built to last. Our precision cutting and engineering process are similar to that of torsion box and airplane wing engineering. This model results in a lighter assembly and higher strength-to-weight ratio. It enables us to use less material to build a super-strong structure that will stand the test of time. We use a completely engineered material, composed of fast-growing materials that reduce the environmental footprint and allow for greater insulation with less thermal break area.

From eyebrow dormers, turrets, and bell towers to arches, range hoods and curved roofs, we make it easy!

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